A Day of Great News

I did not get out until 6 on Friday but it was all because of good things. No, great things.

Thursday right before I got off Chef said that he wanted to talk to me Friday morning about how he thinks I’m doing so far and basically give me some feedback. Friday morning I went into his office and asked if he had time to talk. Believe me when I say that I hatehateHATE bragging and people who do it, but if there is any way to express my gratitude towards the things chef told me without sounding cocky, than I’m going to give it a shot by just summarizing what he said. He told me that I have been a really big help, he loves how clean I keep my station, how I’m always keeping busy, and that he thinks that I really have what it takes. At one point he started to say, “I gotta say, I was very i..” as if he was going to say impressed. I think he hesitated because he did not want me to think that he did not have a great expectation from me. But, to me, I hope that every chef I work with has low expectations of me so that I can impress all of them! Hahaha…that was a joke. Sort of.

I had an entire page’s worth of prep to do after my meeting, which all went really well because of how happy I was feeling. Some of the tasks involved were shucking peas, julienne onion, rough chop onion, and mince onion, mince shallot, rough chop fennel, evenly slice celery, cleaning portobellos, and roasting portobellos.

It was really simple to shuck the peas. you just pull off the little lining on the side, and gently with your thumb open up the pod!

so cute!

This if fennel. I think it’s so pretty. Sadly, though, usually only the white bulb on the bottom is what is used. It has a very licorice-like smell and flavor to it. I am not a huge fan of fennel, but if I had to, I would eat it.

This is the bulb sliced down the middle. I though it was so neat. It reminds me of something that I cannot think of and now it’s really bothering me. I cut out the core that you see on the bottom because it is very tough, similar to the core you see in a head of cabbage.


Cut the onion in half.

Lay one half face down, and with your knife (if you’re a righty), start on the right and as thin as you can make them, slice across the onion lengthwise until you get a little more than halfway across. Then, turn the 1/4 of onion 45 degrees so that it’s laying flat again and continue slicing. I’m sorry if that was confusing maybe I’ll make a video and show you to make it more understandable.

Here’s some pictures of all my prep:

It got around to being 3 o’clock and I was absolutely starving. Chef Erik walked over and said, “Alphonso is making you a really nice lunch so you can take a little break.” I was so excited because Alphonso is a great chef. This, my friends, is what he brought over.

Oh ya know, just some medium rare filet mignon with some rice surrounded with kalamata olives, feta cheese, shrimp, tomatoes, basil, and vinaigrette. It was way too much rice for me, though. Actually, I am not the biggest fan of rice. There are many other starches I would prefer than rice, but nonetheless, I was starving and it was great. I hate how fast I eat there. I always feel so bad standing and eating while everyone is working so I eat really fast to get right back to work and regret it almost immediately.

Finally, I got to making tortellinis! Chef Erik was turning into really-stressed-chef at this point so I did not have time to really show you the actual folding of the tortellini. I got a picture of the finished product and I promise next time I will take the time to show you!

Here is the tortellini filling I made. Ground chicken, ground pancetta, and ground mortadella mixed with a heaping tablespoon of nutmeg and plenty of shaved parmesan. God, it sounded so fantastic.

This is all of the ingredients mixed together.

Here are the final tortellinis!

Off to the mall…I have GOT to get more on top of this christmas shopping!



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3 responses to “A Day of Great News

  1. Jeremey

    Sam! Your chef said you has a clean work station? And yet we still got .5 points off our practical in Classical French? Chef Kelly was WRONG!

  2. Brandon

    I love reading the shit out of this blog! It kicks ass woooooooo!!!! food network wooooo!!!

  3. Brandon

    i left that last comment before i even read what you said. congratulations on the praise from your chef! woooo!!!

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