Yesterday, the first thing I had to do was make more of the tortellini and, being that it was early and slow, I was happy to finally have a chance to show you how to make those adorable little handkerchiefs!

I first had to apply an egg wash overtop of each individual square of fresh pasta. An egg wash usually consists of beaten eggs and water or milk, whichever you prefer. Then, I put a tiny ball of filling into the center.

Fold the square corner to opposite corner.

Then, the triangle gets turned over and a little bit of egg wash is brushed along the longest side of the triangle to soften the corners up so that the delicate pasta does not crack open.

Finally, I just pinched together the two ends to make the tortellini!

Here they all are!!

I guarantee you it is much easier than it seems! Enjoy đŸ™‚


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