I’m In a Christmas State of Mind.

I am aware that I have not blogged in quite some time. But listen, it really is not my fault! This past weekend, after the dorms closed, my parents and I stayed in the Renaissance hotel in Providence so that I could finish my last few days of work before being dismissed for the holidays! And FYI, the Renaissance does NOT have free WIFI, which my dad and I both thought was quite silly, being that they are one of the nicest hotels in Providence. Our room was so neat though!

The room had very bold and dramatic blues and reds that gave you a feeling of excitement. I feel as though that is not exactly the correct mood a hotel room is supposed to give you, but regardless, I enjoyed it.

The bathroom was my favorite. It had the perfect holiday-red stripes going down the wall which I probably would not really appreciate any other time of the year. It kind of reminded me of a Victoria’s Secret store as well. Haha!

This past week has been quite busy at Napa Valley. There are a few factors that probably have A LOT to do with it.

  1. Napa Valley’s location is at Providence Place Mall.
  2. Napa Valley can be easily accessed through the inside of the mall (you do not have to go OUTSIDE to get there).
  3. Providence Place has generously extended their hours for all those crazy holiday shoppers out there.
  4. Nappy Valley is awesome.

I was overwhelmed with the amount of holiday parties and conferences businesses all over Providence had at Napa Valley. Some of them narrowed their menus down to a feasible meal including appetizer, salad, a choice of 4 entrees, and a dessert sampling. Others, however, wanted to order primarily off the menu. One, in particular, was a party of 30. 30 people ordering completely different items off the menu that the kitchen has barely any way of preparing for, as you can only imagine, was hectic.

Saturday night was my first experience working a busy saturday night. I had to mince a gallon of shallots (no exaggeration), which I, to be honest, began to get a little cocky with being how “great” I was getting at it. I started picking up the pace of my knife and at the very end of a certain shallot, I felt my knife insert itself into the tip of my thumb, and I knew it was bad. I did not even look at it, but ran to the sink to wash it off the burning shallot acid off of it as well as I could. I am fine, but I have a nice 1/2″ slice going through the very tip of my thumb that looks quite disgusting. I think I’ll live. I started making fun of myself near the end of the night, explaining to Dan that I had a near-death experience. He just rolled his eyes.

It actually was not half as busy as they were expecting, though. Everyone figured that since the blizzard of 2009 was hitting Providence Sunday morning, people would be staying out as long as they could Saturday night to get as much done as possible. Turns out everyone was afraid to leave there houses, even when there was not even a flake of snow on the ground!

The snow did start as soon as I was getting off work, and my parents and I were worried that it was going to be difficult getting out of Providence Sunday morning. This was what we woke up to!
The beautiful Rhode Island State House. We did have a great view from our hotel room.

This was my view from the car as we were leaving the hotel. We knew we had a long journey ahead of us!

Goodbye Napa! See you in a couple weeks!

Getting out of Rhode Island and halfway through Connecticut were the worst. At one point we were actually trailing 3 snow plows going about 30 mph on 95! Although my dad was not too thrilled, I did not mind. I was so excited to be going home for the holidays! After a solid 6 hours of driving, we finally made it home, and seeing my house all Christmassy made me so incredibly happy. I really love Christmas. Here’s just a couple pictures of our house all decorated. My house gets decked out for Christmas. Does yours?

So much snow!!!!

I can’t wait to start putting together the menu with my mom for Christmas dinner. Coming soon: Putting up the Christmas tree and MY DAD’S INCREDIBLE CHRISTMAS COOKIES!!!!


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