A Little Down in the Dumps…

If I could pick a least-favorite month out of the year it would definitely have to be January. January, for me, is an extremely hard month to get through. The ice-cold Providence winds make me dread the 15 minute walk to the gym and the grey skies give me the winter blues. I miss the boy and my family a lot more than I usually do. I cannot seem to get over this cold that I have had for almost three weeks now and I cannot figure out how to start up my Nike+ system on my ipod. Altogether I am not in the best mood at the moment and I apologize in advance if my blog post reflects that.

2 hours later: I decided to get myself out of my computer chair I had been sitting in since I got off of work, threw on some layers, and walked to the gym. I already am feeling SO much better and can feel myself slipping out of this winter coma…. 🙂

Work has been going pretty smoothly. For some reason this week has had a lot of parties. In fact, last night there were 3! I have been spending the past couple days making practically all of the hors d’oeurves (including those special tartlets).  Tomorrow I will be getting my mid-term evaluation from Chef Erik. I am a little bit nervous, but also anxious to see what he has to say. There is a section that asks for things that I need to improve on and I keep telling myself to notnotNOT take it too personal. Whatever it says there I am going to work my hardest to fix it by the time my final evaluation comes along. I cannot believe I am halfway through my internship already!

Work tomorrow at 9. Sorry for the extreme lame factor this entry contained. I promise to take pictures and get back into the groove!!



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2 responses to “A Little Down in the Dumps…

  1. I am in RI this weekend. I can bring some Philly cheer with me- let me know if you want to meet up for a coffee or lunch or something, my treat!

  2. I would really love to do that, but I am working Friday and Saturday 9-4. I am off Sunday, though! I don’t know when you are going back to Philly, but let me know if anything works!

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