Tour de Napa Valley Grille!

Today was a MUCH better day all around than yesterday. Before we hit the road with the story of my day I would like to take quick second and ask you to follow me as I show you a little tour of the Napa Valley Grille 🙂 :

I know this one is a little hard to see, but this is the entrance to the restaurant. That yellow light in the back is the pantry where you would be able to see me if I was working there!

If you made a right this is what you would see. The windows look out to a back hallway that leads you directly to the mall.

This wall faces the booths in the previous photo. I love that painting and if you cannot tell it’s of, of course, a Californian vineyard!

If you went past the hostess station and made a left this is what you would see: the bar area. I really like this part in particular. Those windows look out to the streets of Providence.

Here is a better view of the bar. I love it. Mushy Moment: One of my favorite things is seeing a couple sitting at the bar sharing some sort of cheese board or harvest platter with a glass of wine.

Here is the pantry station. It has all the ingredients for cheese boards, harvest platters, sandwiches, soups, salads, and desserts. I have been working this station lately and had my first busy Saturday night there last weekend! It was so exciting. I love the tile work on the wall.

Here is the hot line and as you can see it goes right into the pantry station. Starting with the first wooden board is the saute station, followed by the fry station, and ending in the grill station. This is my next enemy and seeing how the line cooks were on that busy Saturday night makes me very…VERY nervous.

Here is the prep area. Not the most beautiful sight but a lot of work is done here. Odds are, if you are looking for me in Providence, this is where I am.

I worked the pantry station for lunch today all by myself! Except….I won’t lie to you. It was the most dead I have ever seen Napa Valley since I’ve been here. I thoroughly enjoy working the pantry station because I get to communicate with the wait staff a lot more and get to know them better. I think it is extremely important for the chefs and the wait staff the have very nice communication because they rely on each other to get the job done. So far, every waiter I have met has been very nice and appreciative to me and it only helps make the day go by even smoother. Here is a small harvest platter I put together in the pantry station today:

Divine Providence, Atwell’s Gold, and Chevre cheeses along with prosciutto, smoked salmon, grapes, a deviled egg, vanilla poached apricots, golden raisin and tomato chutney, and a tiny organic salad with lemon vinaigrette in the center.

Chocolate Mousse Cake. Dan made that plate, but I really take pride in the fact that ALL of our desserts are handmade by our pastry chef (a JWU student, actually). You do not find that often in restaurants.

Today I decided to bring my gym clothes to work with me to go right when I got off. I figured that me coming back from work and sitting at my computer had a lot to do with why I have been lazy. I went right after work and had a really great workout. Things are looking up for Sammy. Yay.



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2 responses to “Tour de Napa Valley Grille!

  1. Donte Culpepper

    YAY Sammy you are amazing 🙂 Keep up the hard work at Napa and maybe go visit this guy Chris in Arizona in a few weeks….if you want to! Just a suggestion. LOL!

  2. Brandon

    being a resident of the infamous napa valley, i’ll say that place looks pretty authentic to me. the paintings on the wall are quite accurate lolololzzzz

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