Come On Baby Light My Fire…..

I woke up at 10:45 perfectly rested this morning with nothing written in my schedule. My one day off this weekend is going to be great.

Yesterday I got to work in that “but-my-bed-was-so-comfortable-and-warm” state of mind. I needed to snap out of it. I wanted to snap out of it. And now I almost wish I did not want to so badly because of the even that caused me to snap out of it. I do not know if I have told you about Angel, one of the cooks at Napa Valley. He is…one of a kind. Angel is someone you do not mess with, he usually is not in a great mood and does not want you to be in the way of what he is doing. Angel used to terrify me until I just, well, got over it. I know that he HAS to like me because usually if your stuff is in his way or if he needs something thats around your “work bubble” he won’t tell you and will reach across, push you out of his way, etc. But, he always give me that “hand on the shoulder” gesture, which to me, means, “Sweetie, can you please step aside for  one moment?” I think he would kill me if he just saw that.

Anyway, back to my story. Sometimes the pilot goes out on some of the stove tops and you kind of have to manually light it yourself. In the corner of my eye I can always see Angel taking a piece of deli wrap which is the size of your average piece of paper, lighting it on fire with one of the working burners, and placing it under the unlit one to light it. Make sense? Sound easy? Yeah, I thought so too….until I tried it. I wanted to try to impress Angel and Dan and for once not ask for their help and just do it. I find myself constantly asking little questions on how to do things when really I should be more assertive and go for it. So, I grabbed the deli wrap, placed it in the fire, and BOY ARE THOSE LITTLE PIECES OF PAPER RIDICULOUSLY FLAMMABLE! By the time I got to the burner right next to the one I lit it from the paper was halfway gone and the fire was getting bigger and bigger!!!! Dan and Angel were talking amongst themselves when all of the sudden they heard me screaming “I CAN’T DO THIS! I CAN’T DO THIS! I CAN’T DO THIS” as I am holding the burning paper that is inches away from my hands. I threw it into the stove in utter shock, and then… burnt out. It just, burnt out. As if nothing happened. Well, let me just tell you, Angel and Dan could not stop laughing at me. I felt my face become a cherry as I slouched over and walked slowly back to my station. Of course that had to happen first thing in the morning so that Angel and Dan could laugh and tease and say things like, “that was priceless” for the next 7 hours of the day. Hahaha, all I could do was laugh right back. That certainly made me snap out of it.

The rest of the day consisted of me prepping, poaching pears in red wine, sugar, vanilla, star anise, and cloves, and staying until 5 rolling out chicken mousse (I’ll show you that soon). Now, it’s time to go to the gym, work on my project, and sit in my comfortable clothes ALL DAY! 🙂 🙂



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2 responses to “Come On Baby Light My Fire…..

  1. simplyjeremeytjr

    Hahaha ooh Sammyroo, sooo funny! I literally smiled all blog.

  2. Sammyroo's Dad

    Now you know why we never let you light the candles around the house!

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