“Sounds like someone has the case of the Mondays”- Office Space

Today started with me doing preparation, ended with me doing preparation, and left me in utter frustration.

Here is the first list I was given this morning:

If you cannot read my Chef’s handwriting it says:

-thinly slice prosciutto

-chopped herbs

-minced shallots

-tart dough

-3 cucumbers thinly julienne

-5 red onions thinly julienne

-15 tomatoes roma diced

And by the herbs, and shallots, this is what he REALLY meant:

I got right to work without and question or debate. Every day I try so hard to think to myself, “they have told you how happy they are with you….keep them that way.” It keeps me from saying nothing but “yes, Chef.” I started out with the thyme because (no pun intended) I knew they would take the most TIME. Sidenote: Did you know that you can use thyme stems? The stems are very flimsy and practically thinner than the beautiful, miniscule leaves they hold on to.

When the stems are that lime green color, go right ahead. Cut it. I promise it will be worth it. It will halve your TIME and you will get SO much more use out of the product.

HOWEVER: If the stem of the thyme is very wood-like and stiff with a deep purple color, do not go there. I don’t know about you, but I don’t think anyone would really appreciate tree bark in their food. If you are really unsure about whether or not to cut through, just use your senses. If you knife goes right through it, it’s safe. If you find yourself putting your entire weight on top of the knife to get through that little twig, I think it’s safe to say you’ve lost the mighty battle.

I then made the tart dough (I have that recipe memorized now), and moved onto the julienning and dicing of the veggies.

After I was finished it was about 1:30. Chef asked me to make an egg wash of a dozen eggs and a couple of cups of buttermilk while we waited for a delivery of puff pastry to arrive at the restaurant.

Buttermilk…let’s have a little chat about it. I love buttermilk. I think it is funny, and I used to be one of them, when people hear the word buttermilk and the only thing that pops into their minds is FAT!!!!! When really, there are plenty of reduced fat and low fat brands out there that are better for you than a glass of milk! Buttermilk is really just a more acidic milk. Whenever I am asked what buttermilk tastes like, I explain to them that it is liquid sour cream. I ❤ sour cream. It adds a phenomenal tang to food items as well as enhances a flaky texture to biscuits. It is also a great liquid to “marinade” meat or onions before frying. Okay, go ahead….frying…..fat.

The delivery was supposed to come at 2 so in the mean time I decided to make myself a healthy lunch:

organic greens, chevre, cherry tomatoes, grilled chicken, grapes, walnuts, apples, and pumpkin seeds all tossed in my favorite dressing of all time, lemon vinaigrette

2:30 poked it’s little head out and Chef decided that the line was in desperate need of a lot of minced garlic, minced shallots, chiffonade basil, and chopped parsley. So, instead of doing the pastries I worked on that until it was after 4 and he let me head out. Billy came in around 3 and asked what was wrong and if I was alright. I really wish I wasn’t wearing the slight disappointment on my face. I suppose I am getting a little tired of doing the same thing, the same preparation, every day. I absolutely love working the pantry station and hope to be able to do that more this week. But if not, I will work extra hard to not show it and smile because that is really all I can do….right?


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