Tonight was very crazy. There were two parties of over fifty people and I was constantly on the move. That, however, is what I absolutely love. Maybe it is the athletic side of me that enjoys the constant action, but regardless, I thoroughly enjoyed having something to do every minute of my shift. The last couple hours consisted of me manning the pantry station all by myself which also has to do with the happiness I have. šŸ˜€

The first thing I had to do when I arrived to work at noon was get the cheeses ready for the enormous cheeseboard that was going to be given out to one of the parties. Come with me…let’s take a little walk and discuss these 4 absolutely delicious varieties that I got to deal with. I snuck a taste while slicing them, for informational purposes, obviously.

This was my first experience with this exquisitely amazing cheese, known as Midnight Moon. Apparently this was quite the treat given to Napa Valley because they do not serve it often at all (maybe a few times of the year), so I felt very honored to be able to try it. If there is any way you can get your hands on this, do us all a favor and get it. Salty like parmesan, yet creamy like swiss, this cheese was TO DIE FOR. Dan told me it comes from California, so I would just like to give a little shout out to that lovely state and say thank you. Thank you for making this. Love, Sam.

Here we have such a classic: sharp provolone. Whenever I am using this cheese during production I cannot help but think about my Uncle. Every year in Long Beach Island, a hunk of this cheese is an absolute staple for my uncle. Looking at this cheese you would think it is creamy, but it is so not. I would never suggest this cheese to someone just entering the world of cheeses because it is quite strong and lingers in your mouth for a while after eating it. I, however, love. it.

Gouda. I would love to meet the person who named this cheese because at the time of discussing the name that person probably took a bite and just said “….good…….ahhhhhh” and sat back in their chair reminiscing on things like long walks on the beach and hot bubble baths. Do you see those little white dots in there? That is salt. This cheese is a bit creamy, very salty, and very amazing. I love salt. I could see how someone sensitive to salt would not enjoy this, but hey. Bring it on.

Here we have something lovely and I am very proud of it because it is made right here in Providence. Known as Divine Providence, this cheese is by far the most subtle out of the four. Whenever this cheese is requested on a cheese board it gets drizzled in honey. I really like this cheese, in fact I caught myself taking a little more than a few bites when I was cutting it up. Oh well.

Another item that was given out to one of the parties was a melt-in-your mouth focaccia. Dear lord it was a meal within itself. Come on… know you want a piece. This fantastic concoction was fresh made focaccia bread covered in a roasted tomato and onion confit, smothered with aged provolone, topped with oregano, and baked to bread-like heavenly perfection. I found myself sinking my teeth into this while Chef Erik asked me to try it. I was way ahead of him.

There is really nothing else I can say about this. I’m speechless.

With all of that in mind, I can proudly say that Chef Erik told me that I did an excellent job tonight which made me very happy. I snapped out of the weird mode I was in on Monday and was back to the hard-working Sammy I started with. Let’s hope it stays that way…….



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3 responses to “Say CHEESE!!

  1. simplyjeremeytjr

    No cheese can be as good as that Manchego in International Cuisine!

  2. hahahaha every time I was looking at you for the entire 2nd half of that lab you were eating that!!

  3. Sammyroo's Dad

    I love the fact that a cheese reminds you of your Uncle!! Pretty funny. That cheese should also bring back memories of East Side Mario’s!

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