My Lacto-Vegetarian 2 Week Challenge

Ladies and gentlemen, something great happened today: I turned in my project. 70 pages long, checked more than twice, and I got it beautifully binded at Kinko’s. As I handed it to Dan this morning with the BIGGEST smile on my face, he looked at it and let out a long sigh as it had to have weighed a solid 5 pounds. Words cannot express how relieved I am and now I can simply enjoy the last few weeks of my internship,  get seriously started on my half-marathon training (May 2nd), get excited about my upcoming trip to Arizona (February 26th), and actually get back into updating my blog much more often!!!

For the past couple weeks I have thought about challenging myself on a one week vegetarian diet. I told my parents about my idea this past weekend and my dad told me that in order for any kind of diet to have a real effect on the body it needs to last at least 2 weeks. After turning in my project this morning, I thought this would be the best day to start! I will have more time to focus on it without my project yelling at me, and also more time to actually cook for myself in my apartment!

Okay, I’m just going to throw this out there, I absolutely love meat. Chicken, veal, lamb, steak, salmon, you name it, I love it. I don’t exactly “fall for” the “health hazard” meat has on the body. Come on, cavemen did not make it through the prehistoric ages nibbling on leaves and shrubberies. On the other hand, I am not okay with the steroids and other drugs being injected into chickens to make them grow to full capacity in a week instead of 5 years. I’m sure I have put that kind of chicken in my mouth at one time in my life and that does not make me happy.

According to, the vegetarian diet comes in a few different varieties:

  1. Vegans: they only eat plant-based foods. Which means, no: meat, poultry, fish, eggs, cheese OR milk products. Not only am I 100% confident that I would fail a vegan challenge, I am a broke college student and don’t have the money to keep up with that kind of demand.
  2. Lacto-Vegetarians: consume milk and milk based products (cheese) as well as plant-based foods. This is what I will be challenging myself to. No eggs, meat, poultry, or fish for Sammy.
  3. Lacto-Ovo-Vegetarians: eat eggs, milk, and milk products in addition to plant-based foods. They omit red meat, poultry, and fish.
  4. Flexitarians: primarily eat a plant-based diet but occasionally eat small amounts of meat, poultry, or fish. A.K.A. Not challenging or interesting enough for me.

Why did I choose Lacto-Vegetarianism? To be completely honest, I would like to cut out sweets completely for these 14 days as well. Most of the sweets I enjoy contain egg products which will be my way of telling myself that I really can’t have those Oreo’s and milk before bed. However, trying vegan? Cutting milk out of my life for 14 days is crossing the line.

I am going grocery shopping tonight with my roommates which is a great way to jump start my new diet. I plan on getting a lot of fruits and vegetables, as well as high-protein substitutes such as lentils, nuts, and edamame. I actually have never really tried tofu, in fact it kind of scares me, but maybe these next two weeks would be a great opportunity to experiment with it! I would also like to browse the protein bar section and try to find an egg-less brand that could also help me out if I’m really struggling. Overall, I am pretty excited about this and to see just how difficult it will be or if I even enjoy this lifestyle! Who am I kidding, the best I’ll ever be is a “flexitarian”.

I am  also looking forward to taking you along with me on this crazy idea!


Here we have an enormous harvest platter that Dan and I put together all by ourselves for a party of 25. A variety of cheeses, prosciutto, smoked salmon, a mushroom terrine, grilled vegetables, olives, tomato chutney, carrot chips, and olives are all on this platter as well as bruleed lemons and fried basil leaves for garnish.


Vegetarian Diet: 14

Spring Break/Arizona: 24



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5 responses to “My Lacto-Vegetarian 2 Week Challenge

  1. mama b

    Ha ha ha good luck Sammy! And don’t be afraid of tofu…put it in any sauce you absolutely love (the more flavorful the better), and it will soak it up and become a wonderfully creamy “sponge”. Ok… maybe that didnt sound as appetizing as i meant it, but TRY IT!!!!!!

  2. Your mom is right- tofu takes on the flavor of whatever you add to it. I am not much of a fan, but Antranig LOVES it.

    Good luck with these next two weeks! I tried cutting out dairy recently, but it was so hard to avoid cheese. It seems they add dairy to SO MANY PRODUCTS!

  3. Sammyroo's Dad

    Sam, I am glad you lost your first 5 pounds (the project you handed Dan!) as you can now enjoy your internship. You like Edamame, which are soybeans, and that is what you make Tofu from, so you are on your way! Good luck!

  4. Auntie Cherie

    Congrats on finishing the 70 page project! Please let me know what you find by toying with tofu … as I share your “fear” of it. Any vegan recipes you wish to share, I am open to try … afterall … it was YOU who was my biggest fan of my veggie soup with the tomato soup base as the broth … who am I kidding? … besides YOU … I was the only other fan of that. Love you!

  5. Brandon

    the food appears to be prepared flawlessly.

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