I am 4 days into this new diet of mine and I gotta say, so far so good. There were a few kinks I had to fix here and there, but overall, I am still meat and egg free!

However, I have never realized the truth behind the phrase, “you don’t know what you have until it’s gone.” Have you ever broken an arm or even one little finger? I jammed my pinky playing in a basketball tournament when I was in the 8th grade. It was one of of those jams that required my coach to pull it back into place. I had to have it in one of those little metal splints for a couple weeks afterwards. 2 weeks without my left pinky was TERRIBLE. I never realized until those 2 weeks just how often I use my left pinky for everyday tasks.

Okay, I know that comparison was a little far-fetched, but that is how I’m feeling about the “anti-egg” part of this diet. To be honest I haven’t had any desire to tear through the walk-in at Napa Valley Grille and find whatever piece of chicken or steak I can get my hands on. However, I never realized just how many products have eggs in them!! The worst temptation I had occurred last night at work. One of our waitstaff, Joyce, apparently makes the best homemade chocolate chip cookies. They have 3 different types of chocolate, they melt in your mouth, etc, etc, ahiowryoiaerhgaerlhyaeorihy. 98% of all cookie recipes, as I’m sure you know, have eggs in them. Of course, last night she brought in a fresh batch, which I have never tried before, and as she hands me the container with a big motherly grin, I HAD TO DECLINE!! It was one of those moments where I think the entire kitchen stopped what they were doing to witness me saying “no, thank you” to Joyce’s cookies. The look on Joyce’s face was unbearable, but after I explained to her my reasoning she sort of forgave me.

Dan was on top of the world with this entire situation, though. Eating them right in front of me, smiling, rubbing his stomach, oohing and ahhing at all of the different delicious cookie flavors. He was not my favorite person last night.

As far as the things that I AM eating are concerned, peanut butter and I have become great friends. Not only is it a great source of protein, but a tablespoon of it with apple slices absolutely kills my sweet tooth. I ended up spending quite a lot of money at the grocery store. Who knew a vegetarian diet was so expensive? The other night I took a portobello mushroom cap, stuffed it with ricotta cheese and sauteed spinach, drizzled it with a little balsamic, and roasted it for about 20 minutes or so just to see what would happen. It tasted very good, but got cold very quickly which I thought was kind of bizarre. I am all for the “meaty-ness” a mushroom has. I’m going to have to research some vegetarian recipes.

I just really hope Joyce has a fresh batch waiting for me in 11 days.

Vegetarian Diet: 11 days

Arizona: 20


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