Ice cream cake???? Well, sort of…..

Anyone who knows anything about me knows that I am an absolute sucker when it comes to Carvel ice cream cake. No matter how much I have eaten that day, as soon as somebody whips out a Carvel ice cream cake from their freezer I instantly begin drooling. I don’t know if it’s the chocolate cookie pieces or that special icing that seems to dye every square inch of your mouth blue, but regardless it has to be one of my favorite all-time desserts. I realize now how pathetic that is, considering it’s Carvel and not some homemade-took-me-2-weeks-to-complete kind of dessert. The cake that I made with my roommate, T, yesterday was an ice cream cake. But not in the way you would think….

I am a huge fan of the website It basically is a quick surf-the-web kind of site that acquires to your own needs based on the interests you check on their homepage. I came across this “Ice Cream Cake” recipe on StumbleUpon and T and I knew that it had to happen.

The ingredients called for a box of cake mix, a pint of ice cream, 3 eggs, a cup of water, and icing. T and I really made this our own by using vanilla funfetti cake mix and chocolate ice cream. It’s odd, haagen dazs’ ice cream comes in 14 oz. containters, which is 2 oz. short of a pint. We wanted to be exact, so we figured we’d buy two containers, take 2 oz. out of the second one and what was left it, well, you get the idea.

The ice cream is supposed to be rather soft so it can be easily incorporated with the other ingredients so we microwaved it for a few seconds to help it out. We had no time to waste.

We bought a pretty bundt pan from Bed Bath & Beyond specifically for this cake. Before we put the batter in we made sure to spray it really well with cooking spray. Whenever I look at this picture I cannot help but think of that hilariously classic scene from My Big Fat Greek Wedding:

45 minutes later at 350 degrees:

While it was still warm I decided to ice it so that it would melt and practically turn into a glaze:

(I was pretty exctited)

Dear lord.

The outcome? This was by FAR the most moist cake I have ever eaten in my life. Next time the only thing I would do different is stick with an either all vanilla or all chocolate theme. The vanilla cake mix and chocolate ice cream was delicious, but it was a little strange too. GO TRY THIS RECIPE!!! 🙂 Enjoy.


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