Hello everyone!!

It has been quite some time since I have updated, I know. Having academics for my last Johnson and Wales trimester made me assume that I would have a lot more time on my hands to be updating, but I was soon faced with quite the opposite. Balancing my time and work was difficult for the majority of the past month and half, but all of the focus now is primarily on my finals in just a couple of weeks! I cannot believe this is my last year here, let alone how quickly it has flown by.

One of the most beneficial energy bars I have been eating to get me through my long 8 hour school days are these lovely little things called Larabars. Have you ever heard of them? Sometimes when I come home for a weekend my dad will re-stock me with a variety of flavors of these fruit bars. What is so special about them? Well, for starters, they are gluten, dairy, and soy free. They are vegan and kosher. There is no added sugar, plenty of fiber (averaging around 5 grams per bar!), and are sodium free! 1 bar is 1/2 of the daily recommended value of fruit and they taste amazing!

The name of these bars comes from the creator, Lara. She lives in Colorado and does a lot of hiking and wanted to come up with a delicious and good-for-you energy bar that had no added ingredients or preservatives. So with her Cuisinart and a rolling pin she began coming up with these recipes (Banana Cookie, Cherry Pie, and Cashew Cookie to name a few) and on April 13, 2003 they started being sold in stores!

These are my top three favorite flavors, but there are plenty more to choose from. I highly recommend you try one!

“We at LARABAR believe that a sound mind, body, and spirit are derived from food in its simplest, most natural state. Made from 100% real food, LARABAR is a magical harmony of fruits, nuts, and spices that will lift your vitality and provide energy with every bite. Simple. Pure. Delicious. Enjoy the energy!



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4 responses to “LARABAR

  1. I love Larabars but hate the apple pie flavor! how funny!

    I’ve missed your posts!

  2. I know it has been a rough month. I found it very difficult to write about things when all I have been doing is academics, but I guarantee that this summer will be filled with plenty of SammyRooing! Funny about the apple pie hahah!

  3. SammyRoo's Dad

    I eat a LaraBar every weekday for lunch, and I think my favorite is Cherry Pie, followed by Chocolate Coconut! By the way, it was RhodeyGirl’s PB that introduced me to LaraBars.

  4. Lewis Fein

    Thanks for post about LARABAR. I help run the LARABAR blog, and we’d like to send you complimentary goodies. Also, if you’d like to be featured as the Fan of the Day on the blog, please email a jpeg of yourself and a short bio. I’m at Thanks again for your post!! All my best


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