The Duck and Bunny

A couple weeks ago in class all I could hear students talking about was this new cafe known as “The Duck and Bunny“. Located on Wickenden Street, it supposedly was the cutest place ever and served great food. Ever since I heard that it was known as “a snuggery” I knew I just had to check it out. The boy flew over from Arizona yesterday so I thought it would be a great time to go!

This adorable baby pink house serves everything from crepes to “mini cupcake flights” served with 3 perfectly paired wines. Walking in literally felt like we were going to someone’s house for a little party. Every room of the house was decorated from head to toe in paintings, sculptures, chandeliers, and the cutest furniture I have ever seen!

My best friend, T.

The boy. With his Flyers’ playoffs mustache 🙂 .

Here are a few menu items that sounded delicious:

The Owen

Corned Beef, braised cabbage, leek crepe, baby yukon potato and grilled tomato accompaniment/12.

The Angelina

Blueberry Blini, Des Nuages cheese, raspberry chocolate, lemon zest/ 10.

Fresh Ricotta with Olive Oil drizzle

Fresh Narragansett creamery Ricotta with Olive Oil drizzle and served with Olga’s crusty Pane Francese and olive tapenade/6.

For drinks they had a long list of teas, coffee, wine, craft beers, and sparkling wines. We were not hungry enough to get a full meal, but we decided to each get a cupcake so we could taste a few of their different, and homemade, flavors. We decided on a chocolate mint suprise, banana chocolate chip, and red velvet cupcake. I also ordered myself a pot of English Breakfast tea (my favorite).

I pretty much gave the two of them a small bite of my banana chocolate chip cupcake, but the rest was all for myself. The icing was unbelievable. It had a hint of banana in it and you could feel the texture of the sugar in your mouth so you know it was homemade. It reminded me of my mom’s banana bread because she always puts mini chocolate chips in her recipe!

The red velvet was so good. I think I would order that one for myself next time (that was T’s). Unfortunately the boy’s chocolate mint surprise cupcake felt and tasted as though it had been sitting out since this morning. I felt bad. However, my tea was delicious and overall I would definitely want to go back. Next time, though, I would want to go first thing in the morning while everything is fresh and order a crepe!


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