Kardea Nutrition Bars

Yesterday a package came for me and in this little white box was my own sample pack of 4 Kardea bars! Banana Nut, Cranberry Almond, Chai Spice, and Lemon Ginger were the four that I was given, and I could not wait to try one!

Before I tell you about my Kardea adventure, I would like to chat a bit about the Kardea company. Their mission is primarily based on lowering cholesterol using great tasting and natural foods. Not only does Kardea sell nutrition bars, but they also have their own olive oil as well as natural supplements. Their bars have 7 grams of fiber, 7 grams of protein, and contain only 150 calories. Although their ingredient list is rather long, they are all 100% recognizable.

After breakfast and before my gym workout I was not starving but knew I could use a little bit of a boost so I went with the Banana Nut. I am a huge fan of the banana and nut flavor combination. I always have been. When I opened the bar I examined what it looked like and I enjoyed how you could see the walnuts and puffed rice bursting out of the sides of the bar as if they were trying to escape. I could not tell from the look of it whether it was going to be soft like a granola bar or super crunch like that of a Nature Valley bar.

I took a bite and the first flavor I got was banana. More importantly, it was true banana. It did not taste anything like it came out of an extract bottle and it made me smile. The texture was much chewier than expected, although it was not like biting into a powerbar where your jaw literally hurts after a couple of bites. The flavors melded together quite well and I felt satisfied, not full. I ran 3 miles in 24 minutes after that.

I just finished the cranberry almond bar and that lovely product made its way to my number 1 so far. You know how sometimes certain foods can bring back the most oddest of memories? This is going to sound crazy, but as soon as I took a bite this came to mind:

L’Oreal kids cherry-almond shampoo. My mom bought us this shampoo when my brothers and I were little and it was my favorite. I would wash and rewash my hair with this product because I wanted to smell like it all day every day. I was an interesting child.

The taste of the bar is very strong in the almond department, and every once in a while you bite down on a tart dried cranberry. It was fabulous. Kardea, you are two for two in my book!



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2 responses to “Kardea Nutrition Bars

  1. mama b

    they sound great! and yes, you were an interesting child.

  2. George Washington

    That shampoo was the best! I remember when I was a child back in the 1800’s and used it…I always wanted to eat it because it tasted so good! LOL! You are the best, Sam Block.

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