The Crane Resort- Barbados

Graduation came and went, I went on my vacation to beautiful Barbados with my family, and, well, got lazy. I took the whole idea of “kicking back” during summer a bit too seriously and the more the days added  up without me updating the more I have been regretting it. It’s time to get back into the swing of things and that means way more blogging.

I have to say that I would never have wanted to do Barbados differently. My family goes back and forth every other summer between “active” and “nonactive” summer vacation. Last summer we had a blast in Walt Disneyworld, so this time around it was all about relaxation, sunbathing, and fruity drinks you would never order unless on vacation 🙂 . We stayed at The Crane which was just fabulous. Let me give you a quick tour of the room we got upgraded to:

This was my parents room…..

This is just a little glimpse of their bathroom…it also had an enormous shower. My brother and I had our own bathroom just like this to ourselves!

Here is our living room…and if you turn around and go outside….

What was originally supposed to be a tiny plunge pool turned out to be our own full sized pool!

This was my brother and I’s room…unfortunately, my other brother could not join us for this vacation as he was (and still is) studying his head off for the BAR exam!

We had our own sitting area, kitchenette, and bathroom!

Enough of our room, though, the real beauty comes from the hotel itself. Located on a cliff, The Crane had breathtaking views of the Atlantic and being that it is literally the oldest resort in the Caribbean, the design of everything is so rustic. It almost makes you feel like you’re living in a difference time period.

This is one of the restaurants that we ate at the first night, called L’Azure.

This was an elevator that took you down to the beach! We tried it once, but opted for the stairs for the rest of our trip because although it is a great idea, a non-air conditioned-damp-sandy-small compartment wasn’t exactly pleasant.

One amazing fact about Crane Beach is that it is one of the ten most beautiful beaches in the whole world. I heard about it having pink sand and had to see it for myself. It was like walking on silk, not a pointy shell in sight, the water was crystal clear, and they were right; the sand was really pink!

It is a little hard to see, but if you click on this picture and make it bigger you can definitely see the little pink crystals poking out of the white sand. It was unbelievable!

Here is the view of L’Azure from beach level. Speechless? You have to see it for yourself.

There were three different pools, all of which cascaded into one another. As you can see, the ocean views from the pool were just perfect.

You could walk right up to the edge of the cliffs and admire the rocks below as well as see the hotel itself from a better angle.

This was a separate pool that was oddly closed for the majority of the trip, but I loved the walls that made you feel like you were in a greek amphitheater.

If you thought these pictures were great, just wait until you hear about the FOOD. I captured our way through a few of the delicious restaurants we went to and cannot wait to share! I am so happy to be back!



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2 responses to “The Crane Resort- Barbados

  1. mike

    My wife and I spent our honeymoon at The Crane, and I must agree Barbados is a great destination for foodies. I was looking for anything written about the gratin of rock shrimp and sweet pototato gnocchi at L’Azure to recreate for her when I stumbled upon your site….good stuff!!

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