Zen- Chinese Buddhism. A Mayahana movement, introduced into China in the 6th Century a.d. and into Japan in the 12th Century, that emphasizes enlightenment for the student by the most direct possible means.

If you are ever thinking about going to Barbados, there is something you need to know about dinner time: The busy shift of diners going out to eat begins around 8:30-9:00. My family tends to have early dinners, anywhere between 5:30-6:30. So, when we thought we were all being little daredevils by waiting until 7:00 or 8:00 to go out only to find that we could easily walk into some of the most popular restaurants, we all thought, “where is everyone?”. I think I can speak for my whole family when I say that hands down our favorite restaurant (which we went to twice), was Zen. Zen is a Thai and Japanese restaurant with items that range anywhere from Pad Thai to sushi. The black iron walls, soothing fountains, and different asian masks at each table (see below) made you feel as though you were walking right into Bangkok.

Yes, this mask stares at you the entire time.

Unfortunately, my pictures are from our second go-around, when we went a bit more simple with our choices. One thing we knew we HAD to get again as an appetizer was the grilled dumplings. I have had plenty of steamed and pan fried dumplings in my past, but never have I had these delicate pouches of heaven before.

I’m sure that because of how fragile the wrapping was (my chopsticks could tear them in half), they were steamed and then quickly flash grilled to give them their marks. Regardless, the wrapping, filling, and dipping sauce was just a win win win situation.

I decided on the chicken teriyaki. I don’t care how plain jane chicken teriyaki seems to us foodies, I will ALWAYS go cuckoo for my teriyaki fix. The chicken was incredibly juicy and the added touch of sesame seeds gave it that perfect crunch. NOTE: The ginger salad dressing you get at most japanese restaurants? SOMEONE PLEASE FIND ME THE RECIPE!!!!!!

Apologies for the blur. My brother went simply for the chicken fried rice. As common as that dish is, he said it was by far the most delicious fried rice he has ever had. Barbados is keen on choosing the most fresh ingredients which is something I absolutely love.

My parents decided to split two sushi rolls and went for the spicy tuna and the spicy salmon. Amazing.

Asian food has to be up there with Italian as far as how much I love it. Pretty soon I want to start making my own Asian influenced meals so that I don’t have to go out all the time to find it!


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