About Me

I am not really sure how to even go about this without a) boring you, or b) blabbering too much. My name is Samantha and I love to eat food and run. I played soccer for 12 years of my life, suffered through 3 knee surgeries, realized I was finished, and moved on. It was not until I came to college that I started to enjoy running, in fact if you told me in high school I would run a half marathon on purpose I would have laughed at you! The freedom, stress-destroying, and enlightening it does to the body and mind is unbelievable. My family is all extremely close and they are more important to me than I could even begin to explain, I am crazy in love with a boy who has been my friend since the 6th grade, and I cannot help but constantly strive for perfection. Failing to do so really irritates me. Obviously, I am a hard headed Aries. 🙂

Food. What do I love about food? Maybe it is the fact that food brings people together, plain and simple. It is the one thing in this world that can be plated in front of  10 different people, and if each person wrote down what the tastes, textures, and flavors reminded them of, you would have 10 completely different stories. 10 completely different conversations. 10 completely different opinions about hating or loving that particular dish. Food is so interchangeable it is almost unreal. A batch of carrots can slowly be braising in a stew while another batch can suddenly be shredded and topped with cream cheese frosting to become carrot cake. Excuse me for using the word stuff (sorry mom), but honestly, who comes up with this stuff? Who is the genius who thought to eat what came out of a chickens bottom, and who after that thought to whip only the whites, fold it into a thick chocolate mixture, and create a completely different mouthfeel?

That is what is so beautiful about food. Food is what you make it. The way you are feeling, the purpose of the meal, the time you have, and the quality of ingredients are all extreme factors that create the final piece de resistance. I am aware about the need for dieting and totally support it if necessary, but please, do the world a favor and get out there, travel and try every single piece of food you can get your hands on.

As the famous Mark Twain once said, “part of the secret of success in life is to eat what you like and let the food fight it out inside.”


7 responses to “About Me

  1. Maureen Mongelli

    Hi Sam, your are just adorable. Teriann sent your website to me and I enjoy reading it. I wish you all the luck in your new adventure. Happy cooking and writing, I look forward to your next blog! Happy New Year! Mrs. Mongelli

  2. Bianco

    Sam, when you become a famous food critic, dont forget about me lol

  3. Kristen

    Sam, I waited on you and your wonderful parents this past weekend. I was very impressed – with all of you. I think your blog is great and will check back!
    I wish you all the best, keep up the great work and never stop dreaming, learning or loving food! Smiles out to you.

  4. Hi Sammy,
    I saw your post about Larabars and thought you might be interested in another great bar. I’m working with a company called Kardea Nutrition, founded by an avid cook and foodie, Rob Leighton, when he was diagnosed with high cholesterol. With a professional background in the food manufacturing business, he wanted to create healthy foods that were tasty and enjoyable to eat.

    His first products are gourmet wellness bars, which are unusually low calorie and more nutritious than most other energy or “nutrition” bars. Each bar contains 7 grams each of fiber and protein, and 1 gram of heart healthy plant sterols, in only 150 calories. They come in four flavors and have great texture, providing both chew and crunch. All our bars are vegan, kosher, natural, and low sodium.

    I thought you might be interested in trying our bars and blogging about them. We’d be happy to send you a sampler pack if you are interested.

    Please email me your mailing address if you are interested.


    • Nancy!

      That sounds so great! I went onto your website and filled in all of my information on your “contact us” link. I also gave you my college address because I will still be here until May 18th! Thank you!


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